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Conservation Plan

The French Creek Watershed Conservation Plan guides research, planning, development and environmental protection activities in the region, with objectives and strategies targeted for land, water, biological and cultural resources.  The plan focuses on education, leadership and outreach, encouraging organizations and individuals to appreciate the astounding natural value of the watershed and make conservation a core value.

Land Protection

  • Encourage individual awareness and responsibility for conservation
  • Support county and municipal land use planning
  • Promote conservation easements
  • Encourage best management practices

Water Quality

  • Conduct comprehensive physical and biological watershed assessments
  • Develop a hydrologic model and budget, and water quality monitoring
  • Encourage storm water management planning
  • Promote wetland research, monitoring and protection

Biological Resources

  • Complete and maintain County Natural Heritage Inventories
  • Assess species of special concern and natural communities
  • Inventory invasive species and develop outreach and monitoring
  • Monitor select threatened/endangered species, and overall aquatic communities

Cultural Resources

  • Inventory and map all public lands and stream access sites
  • Develop comprehensive recreational management plans
  • Identify and preserve historic and cultural sites

Click here to read the full Conservation plan for French Creek